Many thanks to those who made the 2015 Networking and Community Building Conference such a great success!

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 The workshop descriptions are linked below (note: this is not a final list – details for some of the presentations are being finalized, and will be posted here & splashed all over social media when they are):

“Four Discoveries from Neuroscience That Revolutionized How I Teach Consent.” with Emilky Nagoski
(1) The brain has a sexual “accelerator” and a sexual “brake.” (2) Sex is not a drive. (3) Genital response ≠ “arousal.” (4) The perception of sensation – including sexual sensations – is context-dependent, These seemingly simple facts has transformed how I teach consent, and I want to share them with the entire world!

Including Trans and Queer Folks in Sex Ed”with Mackenzie Pawliger and Missy Sturtevant
What is queer and trans* sex ed? Participants will gain skills for building an environment that is welcoming for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We will discuss strategies for covering anatomy, how to update curricula to be more inclusive of queer and trans* people, additional tips for safer queer sex practices, resource share, and self-care practices for navigating through systems that aren’t inclusive of all identities.

Respecting Boundaries” with Kristy Harrington
This workshop will prepare you to work with middle school students to identify peers’ personal boundaries, understand ways to respect boundaries, and to understand boundaries in the context of different kinds of relationships. This session includes group discussion, activities and role-playing addressing the challenges of communicating and respecting personal boundaries.

Inclusive Schools and Classrooms” with Julie Williams
Utilizing the adult education model, participants will work primarily in small groups. Begin with brief overview of terminology and current statistics. Compare school mission to statistics to determine significance of mental health concerns for students. Determine current practices in schools and classrooms that could contribute to mental health concerns. Determine changes that can be made across curriculum to create a more safe and supportive learning environment for all students. Presentation includes the use of a Prezi and a PowerPoint. Handouts will be provided with some resources for curriculum modification/inclusion.

“Lube: an in depth look at personal lubricants”with Sarah E. Mueller
In this session, attendees will learn what types of personal lubricants are available to consumers and the various reasons people use these products. This is aimed to remove stigma from using lubricant, reframing it as a sex toy and safer sex supply.

“Abortion Doula Support: Roles & Values Clarification” with Erin Bourgault, & Sarah Whedon
The full-spectrum doula movement has arisen as an intervention in reproductive health provision in general and abortion provision specifically. In this workshop, members of the Boston Doula Project will discuss how doulas provide free, non-judgmental, and empowering support for people experiencing abortion and will share an abortion values clarification activity.

“H?V – Demystifying the Viral STDs” with Dr. Elizabeth Boskey
There is a great deal of misinformation about herpes, hiv and hpv. In this workshop, participants will explore some of the common myths and misconceptions about these common viral STDs and get an overview of the current state of art in testing, treatment & prevention.

“Taking Action On Teen Dating Violence” with Suzy Spressert
We will briefly review the types of teen dating violence and then take a skills based approach to exploring how to assist students with accessing services for themselves and others. This workshop will include an exploration of the “In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence” activity which is a powerful choose your own adventure tool to use with students to build empathy and awareness. Participants become one of six teen characters based on the experiences of real teens including sexting, pregnancy, homophobia and stalking. Participants will make choices about their relationships and move through the scenario by reading about interactions with their dating partner, family, friends, counselors, police, and others. Please join us in this critical conversation!

“Sex Ed at Hogwarts” with Jamie Klufts and Michelle Goode
This workshop will explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter and the sex ed curriculum that should have happened at Hogwarts. Attendees will receive the tools to bring Sex Ed at Hogwarts to their adolescents and provide and introductory sexual health course framed int he context of a pop culture icon.

“Cultural Considerations in Sexual Violence” with Alex G. 
Using sexual violence as a critical lens, this workshop will encourage educators to explore the intersection(s) of culture and privilege as they pertain to education. We will explore some cultural dynamics around sexual violence to better inform how our perceptions can get in the way of (or be an asset to) the exchange between teacher and student.

“Parents… Setting The Hook” with Mindy Craver 
Planned Parenthood program Let’s Be Honest believes that parents are the primary sexuality educators of thier children, we also know its often very difficult to engage them. This fun, thought provolking, interactive workshop will explore the concepts of getting parents to take the bait, set the hook and get on board.

“An Empowered Approach to Anti-Bullying” with Kira Manser

Many educators don’t know how to respond when a student says something offensive or bullying. Whether addressing homophobia, racism, or shaming; it is hard to know how to respond appropriately and immediately. This workshop will guide educators through a restorative response that will stop bullying in it’s tracks, while empowering students.

“Healthy Online Relationships: Is there an app for that?” with Charlotte Boyd

The average American teenager spends eleven hours a day on some form of media. But what are they actually doing on these sites and apps? Learn about the health and safety concerns as well as strategies we can use to engage youth in their social media use and decision making.

“Sex Ed Mythbusters” with Megara Bell and Brian Flaherty

In the fun, interactive style of MythBusters, we will investigate the “common wisdom” critically and put it to scientific scrutiny, with participation, and prizes! We’ll bring the hazmat suits, the condoms, the C-4 and the sawzall (just kidding about the C-4, not to worry), sex education meets popular science and it’s going to get messy. We won’t just tell the myths – we’ll put them to the test!

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