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Dear Sex Education Supporter

Sex education has changed over the years.  At one time sex education involved teaching the basics of reproductive anatomy, different types of birth control, and how to put a condom on this or that phallic fruit.  In the 80s and 90s it devolved to scaring kids into believing that if they had even the slightest sexual contact outside of a heterosexual marriage, they would surely die a slow and shameful death.

Now we know better.  We still talk about reproductive anatomy, and while we know that bananas are in no danger of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy, we definitely still talk about condoms (though we spare the fruit).  And we know that scaring kids does untold and unnecessary harm to their attitudes about sex.   But comprehensive sex education now involves so much more: discussions of consent and healthy relationships (in real life and online), of gender identity and sexual orientation, and of respect – for self, for others, for difference.

Partners in Sex Education has kept up with these changes.  Over the last year our educators taught in more than 40 different schools, bringing lessons based on consent, respect and safety to thousands of youth across Massachusetts.  We ran the only local conference dedicated entirely to sex education.  And we sent our educators to national conferences, where they presented programs and keynotes.

We need your help to continue this great work.  We do all of this work on an extremely small budget with almost no overhead – last year, 86% of our budget went to pay educators in the classroom.  Please help us this year – please support the work you believe in.